We design Web sites that elevate global brands. Nothing more, nothing less. This sharp focus guarantees that we bring optimal creativity and efficiency to every project. We have the expertise to lead every phase of a Web design project, from information architecture and UX to front-end design, development and post-launch analysis. We work hand in hand with our clients to make certain that each site delights customers and delivers tangible results.

Years Together

What’s in a name?

In the MillerSmith name you have over 45 years of Web design and process management experience. Brian Miller designed his first Web site for Scoop Away in 1995, and he is the author of Above the Fold, a best-selling book on Web design; and Ian Smith, who oversaw the development of hundreds of CPG Web sites in his role as director of global digital marketing at Kraft Foods.

What you won’t find in our name are references to primates or spaceships, words you can’t pronounce or metaphors no one understands. You see, we care less about in-the-moment stylistic Web trends and more about lasting strategic business trends. No unicorns, just two guys backed by an award-winning team of industry-leading experts in the field of Web design.

Our guiding principles

We don’t leave much to chance. Our proven strategic methodology adapts to meet the unique needs of each client, and it’s based on the following four principles:

User First

We start by understanding our client’s customers at a very deep level. We use analytical data and research findings to learn about everything from purchasing habits to browsing preferences. This information fuels every aspect of a project from the architecture to the design aesthetics. We discover what “intuitive” means for our customers and build for that definition.

Brand Impact

A client’s brand is the gravitational force around which all marketing efforts orbit. We see the Web site at the core and believe it has great power to expand a brand’s reach. The consistent expression of a client’s brand online helps build trust among consumers. Trust builds preference, which drives bottom-line results. We look for opportunities to delight users through design, usability, and functionality in ways that are true to the brand.


We know that every organization is looking to add value in the most efficient way possible. That’s why we developed the Responsive Build Kit. This signature service combines a custom set of information architecture with features that are specific to each client’s needs. We use this kit to create Web sites that are ultra-efficient to build and maintain across multiple sub-brands and product groups.

Results Driven

We work with our clients to define success for each project. Here are just a few examples of recent clients: For Akdo, we simulated a luxury showroom experience in a mobile-first Web environment; For Zest, we applied our Responsive Build Kit to build mobile responsive Web sites for 10 uniquely branded products; For Crown Royal, we created a smooth, luxurious experience that celebrates the brand’s heritage and highlights the beauty of each product.

Made in the U.S.A.

We proudly support American jobs. All aspects of sites designed and built by MillerSmith are done with designers and developers based in our offices in Connecticut and Colorado.
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