Introducing Bright Brief.

At MillerSmith we believe that the best design work is the solution to a problem. Therefore, the more well-defined a problem is, the better the creative will be. To help define creative problems, we place a lot of emphasis on the brief writing process. So much so, that we’ve developed an automated brief writing tool: Bright Brief. We doing some beta testing on this new tool. Give it a try.

Try Bright Brief Beta

Write a creative brief

Use the Bright Brief automated form to write the perfect creative brief.

Print your brief

Print and file your briefs for safe keeping.

Share your creative briefs

Quickly share your creative briefs with clients and colleagues.


Bring this new tagline to life: Where the world comes to get back in the game.



We leveraged the power of user-generated content to design a Web site centered around patients who got back in the game after successful treatment at HSS.


Our designers and developers worked around the clock to ensure the new site was fully functional in time for the launch of a media ad campaign.