Mark Newcomb

Front End Developer

Mark is a web developer with 2 years of experience with web agencies in Colorado, 3 years overall. A recent graduate of CodeCraft School of Technology in Boulder, Mark earned a Professional Certificate in Full Stack Web Development building a final project using React and Node technologies. With experience in Wordpress and another content management systems, Mark has been involved with migrating and maintaining over 300+ sites, with build years ranging from 1998 to the present. 

Mark’s involvement with local meetups has kept him up to date on the latest libraries, as well as maintaining fundamental JavaScript skills. As a lifelong musician, design aesthetics have always played a role in the sites he develops, including a site for Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp DIYers, the content of which was formerly lost on the web for 10 years. 

Mark is recently married to a teacher in the Jefferson County School District, where they both share in their willingness to get up way too early on the weekends to get a table at a breakfast spot.