Responsive Build Kit


Many CPG companies with multiple brands struggle to deliver consistent cross-channel brand experiences to their target audiences. This is partly due to the myriad of external agency partners charged with managing the executional elements of the marketing programs.

In the case of Web sites, multiple technology platforms increase the complexity and limit scalability making them difficult and inefficient to manage.

Additionally, the role of the brand Web site is changing, as many consumer engagement programs now happen through Social and Mobile channels. Search ranking is becoming more important, effective SEO depends on simple content updates and page tagging.
As malware, hackers and viruses proliferate, processes to safeguard the website 24/7 become critical.


Deliver a more consistent brand experience on-line, whilst at the same time reducing web site build, maintenance and hosting costs. The Responsive Build Kit enables:

  • Consistent brand expression and user experience across all brand sites.
  • Rigorous approach to site security procedures.
  • Simple tools to update site content.
  • Vastly reduced upfront costs.
  • Streamlined site development time.
  • Significant reduction in ongoing costs.


The Responsive Build Kit is a comprehensive set of reusable components and modules to be used across the portfolio of Web sites. The consistent use of these components when building pages ensures brand consistency and enables efficient updates and maintenance for all product Web sites.

There are no creative restrictions with the MSRBK.
Once the components and pages are established the branding layer can be applied.
Each brand layer is unique to a specific brand and includes changes in photography style, typography and color give each site the perfect brand expression.

The MSRBK is Content Management System (CMS) agnostic:

  • The MSRBK can be used with any CMS.
  • MS has built MSRBK programs on WordPress, Sharepoint, Drupal and Sitefinity.


Based on the experience of our clients who have implemented our Build Kit, we can predict the following benefits:

Less Upfront Costs
Less Development Time
Less Maintenance Costs

  • Consistent brand expression and user experience across brand sites.
  • Consistent approach to site security procedures.
    Increased quality of creative.
  • Established integration modules.
  • Efficient harnessing of new functionality: new modules once developed, are available to all sites.