Retail Responsive™ Web Sites

Retail Responsive™ Design

Imagine a day when one update to a brand’s web page gets real-time deployed to 100’s of retail outlets, smart phones, and computers in one click.

Product announcements, seasonal promotions, contests, customer reviews, flash sales, interactive social campaigns—all controlled from a web-based virtual brand hub. Retail Responsive Design makes this possible.

More Sales

Stores with digital signage experience a 32% increase in sales volume.

Brand Recall

47% of the shoppers who saw a digital display in the past month recall the ad that they saw.

Purchase Decisions

76% of purchase decisions are made at shelf-edge.

Brand Conversion

60% of brand switch decisions are made at shelf-edge.

Simpler for brands & retailers

Brands know they need to create dynamic, in-store content to complete the omnichannel experience for their customers. But, they aren’t. Inconsistent, expensive hardware and software technologies, along with logistical coordination between brands and retailers, make it too challenging for most. Only the biggest brands and retailers have the people and the budgets for effective digital signage.

Retail Responsive Design makes it simpler for everyone.

How it works

Retail Responsive Design is the next frontier in web design. It looks at the visual requirements for an in-store, at-shelf experience and adapts the web page for the larger screen size. No special software or additional hardware. Just a screen and an internet connection.

The way mobile responsive design adjusts page elements to a smaller screen size, retail responsive design adjusts page elements for the bigger format.

Is your brand ready to get retail responsive?